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In partnership with Midlands Management, we are pleased to offer ATA Work Comp Fund members unlimited access to the SAFETY SOURCE Video On-Demand library of safety training videos.  These resources come in English and Spanish versions and are at no cost to our Fund Members.  With over 600 titles to choose from, you can utilize this extensive video resource to supplement your company’s safety and training efforts.

Please contact the ATA Comp Fund Risk Management team for information regarding SAFETY SOURCE, and other member-exclusive resources.

Victor Whatley, CSP, CDS, TRS                 
Regional Risk Manager

Candy Woodruff, CDS, TRS
Risk Manager

Ray Hodge, CDS, TRS
Risk Manager

Will Moses, TRS, CSS, SSH
Risk Manager

Don Anchors, CDS, TRS, CBES
Director of Risk Management

The ATA Comp Fund is committed to providing safety resources for our membership to assist them in developing a culture of safety throughout their organization.
To access the video(s) of your choice, please follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Enter your login credentials
  2. Choose a category of training topics
  3. Make your video selection from the topics provided.

If you have any questions regarding your username/password, please call the Fund office at 334-834-7911. For technical difficulties with accessing your program, please call Robin Macon at 800-224-8784, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., (Central Time). You can also email Robin Macon at


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